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Saul was originally known for being an intense persecutor of followers of Jesus until he was converted following his experience on the road to Damascus (Acts 9). However, while many people believe that Saul’s name change to Paul was linked to this experience, the truth is, Saul and Paul were two names that he had that were used interchangeably. Saul was his Hebrew name and Paul was his Roman name. The custom of dual names was common in this era. We do see, however, that from Acts 13 on, Saul is referred to in Scripture as Paul. It would make sense that as he progressed in his ministry of Christ, that he would adopt his Roman name, Paul. The farther he traveled on his missionary journeys, the more he was surrounded by Gentiles, who would be more receptive to this name. The intent of this design is to encourage us, despite our past or where we came from, to be willing to conform to what Christ desires from us and to be bold and willing to change in word, deed, or even name for Christ! #ThanksforAsking!

Paul not Saul

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