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Three Brothers

From a very young age, us three brothers have always been extremely close. Who knew that years of building forts, blasting Jock Jams, and playing sting-pong would lead to a great friendship into adulthood? Apparently, the secret to a long-lasting brotherhood includes hours of Nintendo 64, fighting over pop tarts, and being forced to watch each other’s double-header soccer games. All kidding aside, most of my best memories growing up involve one or both of my brothers. I guess I love them or whatever. That’s a large part of what has made this project so fun to work on! We all love our wives and kids, enjoy playing sports, and are die-hard Ohio State fans. We endeavor to put God first in our lives and recognize that all the blessings we get to experience come from Him! While the three of us are extremely similar in our likes and dislikes, we each bring a different personality to Sower Shirts. For example, Cory is the oldest and the creative thinker of the trio. While he might not be able to maintain focus for more than a nanosecond, he makes up for it with a uniquely imaginative eye. Although the rest of us contribute design ideas, chances are if something looks really cool, Cory had a hand in it. Cody is the middle brother. He is a writer and extremely meticulous. An introvert in the truest sense of the word. If you are reading something by Sower Shirts that sounds amazing, it was certainly Cody. If there’s a mistake of any kind, it was probably one of the other two. I bet you can’t guess who wrote this. Finally, there’s Shannon – the baby brother. Unlike his older brothers, who apparently missed out on the confidence genes, he is very outgoing and charismatic. He is as personable as he is loud. But we love him anyway. Chances are, if you heard about Sower Shirts from one of us, it was the big mouth himself.

Mission Statement

To start more conversations about God using unique and cryptic shirt designs that cause others to ask what our shirts mean. Once the door is open, we then can share the good news in whatever way the moment calls for.


The Inspiration

The importance of evangelism can first and foremost be found in Scripture (Mark 16:15). However, we were motivated to start this business by our dad, who emphasizes the importance of reaching others with the truth about God’s Word. He has always pushed us to be active members of the church and has led by example in this area as well. He and our mom taught us the Scriptures at a very early age and has always emphasized the worth of sharing the Gospel with those around us. Our dad had a similar source of inspiration in his father before him. Our grandpa, Allen Wilcox, though paralyzed from an unfortunate accident many years ago, did not let his physical limitations stand in the way of serving God. Instead of letting his circumstances defeat him, he turned them into an opportunity to learn about computers and digitalize hundreds of songs and sermons, making them accessible to those who may not have otherwise had the opportunity to hear them. We are inspired by the evangelistic efforts of dad, grandpa, and many others in their work for the kingdom of God and we hope that Sower Shirts will provide opportunities for all of us to share God’s Word with people far and wide!

The Family

Hi – We are the Wilcox Family! While you may see us three brothers more directly on this project, the truth is we couldn’t be doing this without the help of our incredible family. We all have full-time jobs so our only time to work on this project is in the evenings. As such, somebody has to watch the kids and handle all of the other adult responsibilities we are neglecting. Our wives do all of this and more! They have also helped with design ideas, photography for the website, general encouragement, and everything in between. We don’t know what we’d do without them. Thank you Hannah (Cory), Angie (Cody), and Adeena (Shannon). You are all amazing! We’ve already mentioned our dad for inspiration, but how would this family unit function without our mom?! She is the central cog in the Wilcox family and she keeps us all together. Mom and dad are so supportive of us boys, our spouses, and our kids and we gather at their house frequently for dinners, pool-parties, and just about any other excuse to get together. They provide love, support, and a godly example of how to live. Thank you Mom (Julie) and Dad (Terry)!

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