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For generations, there has been much debate about the origins of human life and all that we can see around us. While there are a lot of theories out there, they all basically boil down to one of two options: 1) there was an intelligent designer who created the universe we experience today OR 2) everything we experience is here by random chance. 
Imagine you were walking through the forest and found a laptop computer lying on the ground next to the trail. How did it get there? Would your assumption be that over billions and billions of years, the other things you find in nature randomly came together in the perfect order to create it? Or is it more reasonable to suggest that there must have been someone who intelligently created it, with a very intentional purpose? How much more must this be true of human life and the universe that surrounds us?!
Many suggest that the debate of Creation vs Evolution is a matter of Faith vs Science. While it is true that faith plays a critical role in the life of a Christian, science also supports the argument for there being a Creator. In fact, many scientific “discoveries” were actually spoken as truth by the Bible hundreds, if not thousands, of years prior to their supposed “discovery” by man (for more information on this, please feel free to reach out to us through our “Contact & FAQ” tab). This shirt reminds us that we have a Creator. There is no “or.” #ThanksforAsking!


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