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Proverbs 6 is a strong and direct writing that addresses the dangers of laziness. How easy it for us to stay in our comfort zones and refuse to do the work we are called to do? Proverbs 6 tells us to consider the ways of the ant. We are told to “observe its ways and become wise” (verse 6). Ants are notorious for being hard workers. If you’ve ever seen an ant, chances are you saw it carrying something or it was on its way to get something to carry. They seemingly work nonstop! Proverbs 6 says that the ant doesn’t need a leader to tell them what to do. Instead they get to work making provisions for the future. Whether this proverb is focused on spiritual action or just action in general, the application is the same either way. We should all strive to be a little more like the ant! #ThanksforAsking!

Consider the Ant

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